The services offered by The Invisible Translator are

  • HIGH QUALITY I know. Quality should be a given but, regrettably, experience tells me it’s not always the case. I’m a freelance translator and, as such, I do my best to work according to the seven principles of the Quality in Translation campaign. This means I care about the final result – and you should, too. If you want to know more, I can provide you with a report explaining the steps in the quality assurance process I applied to your project.
  • HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL I’m an ISO 27001 Certified Information System Auditor by AENOR and I always make my clients’ confidentiality my number one priority. They entrust me with their documents, so that’s the least I can do for them. Of course, I’m happy to sign an NDA if you wish me to.
  • PROFESSIONALLY INSURED My work can change lives. In the unlikely event that I make a mistake, I am covered by professional liability insurance.
  • EASY TO PAY FOR With a simple bank transfer.

Legal Texts

Perhaps you need to understand those emails from two international corporations who ended up in court. Or maybe you are going to sign an agreement with an overseas company and you are struggling a bit with the content. Look no further. My task as El Traductor Invisible is to come to the rescue. My background as a manager and law graduate is key in my job as a translator. It helps me understand the very essence of the jargon, the scope and the possible consequences of a legal text in my clients’ business.

I also have experience managing a company. That’s why I know how to draft, understand and edit M&A documents, supply and services contracts, employment agreements, mortgage deeds, tenancy agreements, share holding papers, non-disclosure clauses, warranties, insurance policies and public tenders. You name it and I probably have experience with it! I like keeping abreast of the changes in the legal systems of my two working language and I always make sure my research before a job is thorough and based on up-to-date sources. Don’t take my word for it, though.

Download a sample of my legal work 

Marketing and business texts

You have this amazing product and you want to break into a new market. Great! I can help you do just that in a Spanish-speaking environment. Customers are more likely to be attracted by copy that is localised in their language and voice. I can translate them and adapt them to the local environment for you.

As the saying goes, there’s no time for a second good first impression. Any typos or poor grammatical choice can seriously affect the credibility and image of an otherwise reliable and professional brand. I’ve been working in the business world since 2007. During this time, I’ve studied for and earned an EMBA and travelled to the UK for several business meetings. I also took part in various internationalisation projects. This is what allows me to offer you translation services that are truly the perfect match for your expansion plans into the Spanish-speaking world. 

Some examples? Commercial correspondence, management reports, catalogues, invoicing, accountancy papers, promotional material, press releases, social media content and much more. Have a look for yourself by downloading a sample of my business-related texts.


Giving back: NGOs and foundations

My clients include several social and humanitarian NGO and foundations. I love helping them by translating brochures, project reports and blog posts. I could do the same for you. These are the translation projects I enjoy the most.

I’m a volunteer translator for a number of charities and NGOs working to fight for and protect human, social and civil rights, children, education and gender equality.

Download a sample of my NGO work

Editing and proofreading

Poor grammar and typos in marketing materials and communication intended for the public are two seemingly small issues. But a few errors here and a few mistakes there and your company’s brochure, text or website can lose its credibility. Instead, you want to send the message out loud and clear saying “I’m professional. This is accurate.” Let me help. My training as a professional editor and proofreader allows me to spot any mistakes in existing texts. I can adapt your documents or make them look consistent and free of typos in Spanish before they go to press.