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Find your questions answered in my FAQ section.

Yes, but how much? i.e. How do I request a quote? 

Easy. Just go to the Pricing tab and fill the form in with all the relevant information so I can provide a quotation to suit your requirements.

Yes, but can you hurry? i.e. How long will it take for my text to be ready?

Well, I’d love to say ASAP (within reason). I cannot say I have the same workload week in, week out, so for me it’s crucial to be able to assess the volume of your project as well as its complexity on a case-by-case basis. After all, each client is different, right? The turnaround time has to allow for high quality and accuracy – that’s what my work is about.

Hmm, does size matter? i.e. Is there a minimum volume for my project?

Not in this case. There’s no minimum word count required for me to accept your project. Nevertheless, I do have a minimum charge. Ask me to find out more.

Yes, but what type of texts do you translate? i.e. What areas are you an expert in?

My expertise and training is in legal and business-related texts, which include project reports for NGOs but also tech documents about file archiving and digitisation, to mention just a few. Again, please just ask.

Yes, but who will translate? i.e. Who is going to work on my document?

My business is a one-man show. I just trade under a branded name to help you remember me better. I’m not a translation agency or huge corporation, so the only one dealing with your documents will be yours truly, Jorge Maestre. Should any other person be involved in the process for whatever reason, you’ll be the first to know.

The taxman called. i.e. I need an invoice. Can you provide me with one?

Of course. Each assignment is subject to regular invoicing, including VAT.

Hmm, I'm lost. i.e. How do I request a quote?

No problem. You can find more details under the "Pricing" tab on the home page.

I need you to swear! i.e. I need an officially sworn translation. Can you do that?

I’d love to, but I’m afraid I don’t offer that service at the moment. I can still help with the translation work and sort out the official process for you, for example, by contacting a sworn translator and having your documents made official for a fee.

To swear or not to swear? i.e. When do I need a sworn translation in Spain?

A sworn translation is required for any document that has to be produced before a Spanish official authority.

I recommend sworn translations for all foreign documents that are needed as part of a legal procedure so that legal authorities will accept them as high quality, true and accurate documents.

As a general rule, you don’t need a sworn translation to make documents valid if they are being used between private individuals or companies who are involved in, say, a contract.

And... is it good? i.e. How do you guarantee your work is of high quality?

Revision and proofreading: These are steps that are part of a meticulous checking process I carry out myself before any delivery. If you wish, we can have the work revised by a third party translator or proofreader to ensure quality is impeccable. This is an add-on service (not included in the standard fee), so please ask me for a separate quotation.

English, please.  i.e. Do you offer Spanish into English translation?

My native language is Spanish, and I only take on projects where I can guarantee quality and be proud to put my name and brand to it. So, no, I do not translate into any language other than my mother tongue. However, I’d be happy to help find a solution for you. I know many qualified colleagues who provide this service and would be a good fit for you.

Specialised, you say? i.e. Why should I hire a translator specialised in legal texts?

Translation is first and foremost about understanding. That’s why it’s so much better to entrust that sensitive legal jargon to someone who really gets the difference between legal systems. Only a specialist translator can make sure your expectations – and those of your clients – are met.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Contracts, agreements, judgements or notary public deeds are extremely powerful and can impact on the lives of those involved. Do you really think it is worth the risk?